Expedite those dishes now!

(This producrt is free to use.)

What it is

Expo retrieves kitchen order information from POS system such as a ticket number, a customer name and series of items ordered. It then displays the list on the screen called "PREPARING". When an item is clicked from “PREPARING”, the item is transferred to "READY" announcing that It’s ready. (“READY” screen is optional.) A click from “READY” will make it disappear from the screen.

How it works

1. From a tablet, you will download and install Expo on a computer (aka. EXPO computer).

2. From a POS computer, you will setup an ethernet printer from Windows > Devices and Printers. The IP of this printer is from the EXPO computer, which you have installed Expo™.

3. From your POS system, you will add this printer as a kitchen printer as a plain desktop.

Now, whenever POS system prints to this kitchen printer, it will go to EXPO computer, where Expo will retrieve the order information to use.