Subscription vs. Cloud

OneBoxPOS is based on Subscription model. Subscription model lets the software stay on your local computer, whereas the cloud software resides somewhere on cloud system. Cloud will not work without interent connection. Cloud will not have access to its database locally and must go to cloud for the settings. Subscription model allows the user to have everything locally and access whenever needed including sales, settings, etc.

Flexible License

You can change store name, address and phone number to whatever you'd like. The databas is simply a file which you can carry with you wherever you go and whatever computer you use. That means that you can switch the computer whenever you need to. Simply copy and re-use the database in anyway you'd like to.


EMV is available via EMV certified equipment and there is no need to have PCI restriction on your computer such as regular password update. Every transaction is complete at time of sales and you can add tips later. EBT is also supported.

Programmable Screen Layout

Screen layout can be any number of rows and columns so that it can be 2 x 2 button for a buffet or 100 x 100 buttons for a huge food court (if your screen can handle it.) Smaller screen such as 7" tablet with less menu buttons can be used while a big screen touch TV may offer more buttons to click.

Dual Monitor

Dual monitor system works best. The second monitor shows what customers are ordering, money change and it even displays a short instruction on how to use EMV cards.

Texting is allowed here

For each programmable event such as shift start/end, refund, you or anyone who are on the system will be notified via email or text.

Security matters

Security is based on tasks not on employees. That means that you can allow or disallow any employoee with specific tasks such as menu editing, viewing sales report, exiting the program, etc.


Any Windows based computer can be used with .NET 4.0 or later. No IIS (Internet Information Server), SQL Server are required.