Order number 123! Your order is ready!

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Here is a food court that has grown to become everyone’s favorite eat out place especially for families, gatherings and reunions. It has a wide range of the very best restaurants and the quality of food and customer service is out of this world. However even with all these which are qualities considered most important in the food industry, there are customers still not as satisfied as expected. The reason being that when they come to the food court, they have to split up to make place and wait for their orders in the different restaurants and given the difference in service time, some will get their orders before the rest and the whole group meals becomes an impossibility.

Problem solved

“Is there anything I can do?” You ask. Absolutely. By installing the OrderUp® in the food court, the food court is now able to alert customers when their orders are ready through a TV screen placed in a strategic area in the food court. When a customer makes an order, they are given an order number and so this OrderUp® announces orders that are ready for pickup. “Order number 123, Your Order is ready!” With this, groups and families can stay together, chat and have fun as they await their order without having to split up.

Large kithen and servers

Your restaurant business is flourishing and customers stream in every minute. You have the best team of chefs and servers but with the increase in number of customers, they can hardly keep up. It takes too long before the customers get their food and when they do get it, sometimes it’s too cold which is really unacceptable. So what could be the problem? The thing is, there is a disconnection between the food being prepared and placed on the pre-table, and the servers getting the food to the clients. Therefore the restaurant is filled with customers who are getting impatient, servers who have no idea if the order has already prepared and ready to go at the pre-table.

Problem solved

Not anymore. With the OrderUp®, communication between the kitchen and serving area will be smooth and without a hitch. As soon as an order is ready, servers will be alerted and hear through pagers or earphones, saying “Table number 123, the order is ready.” ensuring that food gets to the customers as soon as it’s ready. Thanks to OrderUp®, you’re guaranteed happy customers, impeccable service, and a big smile to the bank.