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Ya Bento

SunnyPOS is one of the best companies since it has helped me to adequately anticipate and cater for all the needs for my new, up-and-coming restaurant. It’s been a great companion and supplier of state-of-the-art products and services. I strongly suggest relying on SunnyPOS for anything! Be sure of quality products and services. I assure you that you will not be disappointed!!! Want you restraint to run smoothly? SunnyPOS will make your dream a reality. I have worked with them and I am very pleased with what I have done with my restaurant. I don't think you can beat their price, either. It is the best in the market so far. You get to enjoy value for your every penny!
San Diego, California

We Bakery

Quality products, and customer service, good employees who are polite and knowledgeable about every product. SunnyPOS level of professionalism is on point! I highly recommend that you contact them. So far, this SunnyPOS is the only company I have worked with to my satisfaction. Their products are long lasting than some other expensive brands that I have tried. Their services are also exemplary and I will definitely purchase their products any day!! I am impressed and happy.
Buena Park, California


Overall, the best company with extremely functional products. Excellent client-company relationships. Very capable products and customer services. Very aesthetically pleasing as well. SunnyPOS’ products have helped me to effectively cater for all my inventory needs. The company is the in thing right now. Though there are a few challenges when dealing with SunnyPOS and some of its products, nothing that outweighs the benefits!
Pomona, California

Haru Sushi

Searching for a new POS System can be very frustrating. I am happy I found SunnyPOS since, it introduced me to their product OneBoxPOS. SunnyPOS has enabled me to adequately meet my POS system needs. Needless to say that their products are price friendly. I fully recommend this company to anyone looking for a POS System.
Buena Park, California

Victory Garden

SunnyPOS has the best POS software in the market right now. Its prices are remarkable and the services rendered by the company during follow-ups are exemplary. I am totally satisfied and very happy that I contacted SunnyPOS and purchased my POS System from there. I recommend SunnyPOS to anyone looking for a company with a knowledgeable POS software which provides superior performance. Be sure to be amazed and happy!!
Buena Park, California

Aoki Teriyaki && Sushi

My experience with SunnyPOS is a completely positive one. It provided me with the best solution available through their products for an excellent price and the company’s follow up was just great. The company fully came through with everything it had promised. I highly recommend you to contact SunnyPOS for reliable products and quality customer services and satisfaction.
Commerce, California