Restaurant business is too risky with anyone else!

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Sunny POS, Inc.

SunnyPOS® is a privately held, widely-recognized, global provider of POS or Point-of-Sales service. Every day, hundreds of restaurants are opening with its own taste and service, frozen yogurt, coffee shop, sandwich, chinese restaurant, pho restaurant, sushi & hibachi bars, steak house, bar & grills, sport bars, etc. We cover all flavors of restaurants and eating places as well as franchise business, remote monitoring and POS supplies. We are constantly at work creating breakthrough technologies which help our customers stay at top of restaurant business. For example, kitchen display system, caller id for quick phone order and delivery, bartender-friendly bartab, credit card integration, wireless order, ... just to name a few. Since your success is our success, we do every effort for you to succeed in your restaurant business. Restaurant business is too risky with anyone else!.

1,300+ Installs and Still Going

We have installed over 1,300 POS systems in the Southern California area since entering the POS market in 2006. Our mission is to give restaurants and retail shop owners more choices for their new and existing stores compared to any other POS companies. After years of experience, we have discovered that store owners wanted more choices in price, maintenance service, payment options and specific features to create its own culture that distinguished them from other stores. As a result, we have prepared a service for restaurants and retail shop owners to customize their POS systems.


We are a group of programmers, designers and restaurant owners. Together, we make POS work in better ways. We will sacrifice fancy functionalities to reach our goals, which is Simple & Fast. We are located in Southern California and work hard to bring you the best. We hope you enjoy our work as much as we do.


SunnyPOS has been PCI QIR since 2015. Organizations qualified by PCI SSC as Qualified Integrator and Reseller Companies (QIR Companies) are authorized to implement, configure, and/or support validated PA-DSS Payment Applications on behalf of merchants or service providers for purposes of performing Qualified Installations as part of the QIR Program. The quality, reliability, and consistency of a QIR Company’s work provide confidence that the Payment Application has been implemented in a manner that supports the Customer’s PCI DSS compliance.

Dept. of Weight & Measure

SunnyPOS has been a licensed Service Agency for Weight & Measure in California since 2007. A "Service agency" employees “Service agent” to install and repair a commercial device. Device means any weighing or measuring equipment, contrivance, or instrument used, for determining weight or measure, that is used for commercial purposes.